Required documents

On page 9 of the application form you will need to upload up to 10 documents, or if a program is not required: up to 9 documents. Collect them beforehand.  


Important notes:

  • The project budget, financial templates, activity report, and the program must be in English. All other documents can be in the local language.
  • Only use our most recent templates for the project budget and the financial templates.
  • The maximum file size per document is 15 MB.
# Required documents



Download templates Required language Explanation

Project budget

.xls, .xlsx

project budget template English

The budget includes a cost plan detailing the expected costs of the proposed project and shows a funding plan of how these costs will be covered.


Download a sample budget with instructions.


Annual financial report 2020

.doc, .docx, .pdf

  Local language allowed The financial annual report of your organization includes:
  • a balance sheet (or statement of financial position);
  • an income and expenditure table;
  • explanatory notes (if available).
 3. Annual financial report 2019

.doc, .docx, .pdf

  Local language allowed (see above)
 4. Financial template 2020

.xls, .xlsx

financial template English

This financial template is a translation of the income and expenditures table of your organization. Besides the amounts, you should also fill out the exchange rate (local currency vs Euro). The Euro amounts will be calculated automatically.


Download a sample financial template with instructions.

 5. Financial template 2019

.xls, .xlsx

financial template English (see above) 
 6.  Activity report 2020

.doc, .docx, .pdf

  English If your organization does not publish an official activity report, you should send us a report in which you mention all activities of the past year and important changes and highlights within the organization.


For all applications it is required to add a plan B (one paragraph) in case the Covid-19 crisis will not be over in 2022!

.doc, .docx, .pdf

  1. A (draft) program for the proposed project (maximum of 3 A4 pages) for projects which belong to one or more of the categories listed below:
    • Academic (Jewish) Studies program or research
    • (Non-academic) workshops, seminars, conferences, courses, E-learning
    • Holocaust education
    • Leadership training
    • Kindergarten
    • Sunday school, after-school programs
    • Dialogue programs/mutual respect programs
    • Program to counter, combat and/or monitor anti-Semitism
    • Camps (e.g. summer or winter camps)
    • Shabbatonim
    • Festivals
  2. Plan B (one paragraph) in case the Covid-19 will not be over in 2022! Add plan B as a supplement to the program. In case your project does not need to upload a program, because it does not fall into one of the categories mentioned above, upload only plan B. 
 8. Registration Certificate

.doc, .docx, .pdf

  Local language allowed If you have applied before and no legal changes have taken place, it is not necessary to send this again.
 9. Articles of Association

.doc, .docx, .pdf

  Local language allowed If you have applied before and no legal changes have taken place, it is not necessary to send this again.
10. Auditor's report

.doc, .docx, .pdf

  Local language allowed (if available)



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